Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge





I just took an hour long beach vacation with the wind whipping my hair and the salty surf scent soothing my mind. I rode the city bus to a national park. Very few other citizens or visitors joined me. Will there be a day when the q53 is packed with natural area enthusiasts? I glimpsed a bit of Broad channel- mold damaged and under construction.
I feel revived by the sea air. This summer there will be much messing about in boats.

So close to done with the winter sweater

Just one sleeve left! Maybe if it rains tomorrow – but today I must go outside.


St John The Divine Vertical Tour






Another new tree

It says it is a linden. No time to write but I am so excited that trees are appearing everywhere!>

Sugar Season

I made it up to Western Massachusetts for less than 24 hours, but we managed to get in one of my favorite activities- an early morning visit to Davenport’s Sugar House- a restaurant open only 6 or so weeks a year. They were boiling sap into maple syrup and the smell of the boiling room brought tears to my eyes. Everyone was so excited for the spring and thrilled to support the farmers and eat together.
My aunt Margery made a funny xmas toast this year in honor of her parents. She said that they never did anything they didn’t feel like doing and none of us should either. I was reminding my husband of this when we were trying to get out of the house on Saturday and I burst into tears. My feet still hurt from the high heels I had worn to work the day before, and I was exhausted from a week of trying to anticipate other people’s needs and meet their expectations. And now I was heading to see my family and I knew already that I wouldn’t be able to see everyone and do everything that I wanted to, because my time was so short.

Excited about compost

I dropped off my compost on Tuesday, a satisfying chore and certainly a way to get in touch with one’s waste stream. Then I requested 10 bags of finished compost for my pet street tree. I have no idea how I will transport 400 lbs of compost, and I am glad that I only adopted one tree to start. That is a problem for another day.
After reading some environmental blogs, I also ordered a free lead test for our water from the city- if it comes back negative I am ditching the brita. And we brewed a batch of low gravity English bitter. Ok so it’s a busy week already.

March! Official start of spring activities!

I adopted a tree on my block using the fascinating Million Trees NYC site. This is extremely exciting for so many reasons.

a) We don’t have to haul ourselves on the bus for an hour to volunteer to clean up the city (although we can if we want.)
b) Reading the tree guide motivates me to curb a certain dog and give her non-tree options during our perambulations.
c) Gardening on our block!
d) Meet the neighbors and do something positive for our community.

Ok, so good idea! But the tree the city planted last year failed to thrive-

20140316-100631.jpgFive by ten feet is a great place to start with gardening.


So I tried to find the tree across the street on the app and it was not there. But I am surveying it to understand what I will need to do for our tree once it arrives. So many projects! Watering every week, cleaning trash and waste, building a little fence, etc.

Cannot wait.