Sunbathing in February

My darling dog has cataracts but from the side you can see her pretty brown eyes

I got some better photographs from the holiday weekend (not over yet). The daily practice of shooting and writing means that I see something every day that I haven’t noticed before. Fact, last year my definition of duck was basically duck. Now I know four different kinds of ducks! Did you know there is more than one kind of goose?

Snow goose enjoying black plastic environment of Brooklyn

The parks put this black plastic all around our “lake” to control the invasive phragmites. I was told that they will be taking it off this summer. Perhaps I will assist.

Did you know that the lake is fed by our drinking water? Catskills water, treated and piped in. That doesn’t seem remotely sustainable. The park should probably redesign our water features to use local resources. I never considered that they were using drinking water until BBG redesigned their water features to recirculate rainwater. Country girl mistake assuming water comes out of the ground, not from hundreds of miles away.

even the turtles were sunbathing yesterday: Red Eared Slider

Red eared sliders are common in the Park and were introduced as freed pets. They brumate, not hibernate, so they can wake up when it is 60 degrees in February to bask and then sink back to the bottom of the lake and not breathe or eat for a few weeks when it gets cold again. Probably a good technique that helped them score a spot on the top 100 most invasive species in the world.

Saturday in the Park

Warm and very bright today, enough to sit still for twenty minutes or so and contemplate the signs of spring. I love this park and it’s close enough to visit every day if I wish. Plenty of plants and animals to learn to keep me busy. Today I saw American Widgeons in full breeding plumage. I am in denial about needing a different camera because I spent way too much money on the one I have, but I don’t enjoy it because it lacks a viewfinder. Something I didn’t realize was optional and now I know. Still takes great photos. 

Tomorrow I have not one plan and it is going to be sixty degrees- more time to spend in the park. 

Centered breathing


That includes Tiffany but these stained glass windows are nice in Eleanor Roosevelt’s parish church. 

Like the art in the church around the corner my career is currently predicated on the largesse of certain people and businesses that I find unpalatable. In fact my lifestyle is supported by these corporations and the financial system built to suit them. 
Going out to the Bronx this morning to assist my colleagues with their goals to provide library service to children. That always cheers me up. 

And there is a distinct spring like quality in the air today. Chin up, rebels!

Lying on the floor Yoga: lifestyle suggestion

Caper and chipmunk are restorative yoga masters

I found a great book by Joanne Lasiter Relax and Renew: restful yoga for stressful times that explains the practice of restorative yoga, so now I feel confident to share with you that I have been going to a class once a week since July and I love it so much. 

Breathing and working with your physical body’s very natural and ordinary stress responses makes sense. I can’t believe I needed a book to tell me that, but that’s why I am who I am. Thank gods there are books about everything. 

Tree Watch

a few weeks ago in the sun

It is overcast and chilly out today and the snow from Thursday has largely melted away. The daffodils closest to our building have several inches of green above the dirt. The spring feels very close now with still a bit of natural light when I leave work.

new tree in front of the building

I wish it was a bit brighter out today to inspire me in a bit of duck photography- their bright breeding plumage is evident even to me and their elaborate seduction moves are very funny. I’ll swing by the lake a bit later if the rain holds off.

this might be a good bird watching “patch” but my neighbors also like to stand here and fish

For once in my adult life I am not job hunting, house hunting, or mate hunting. I have never been this relaxed before about my personal situation- of course I am not feeling very relaxed about our government and political forces. But with a dull homelife, turning outward seems both possible and much more effective.