Running home

I took three terrible photos. Busy marching and gabbing.

Ahead of the weather but after a fine march with 60000 feminists in Atlanta yesterday. Caught a glimpse of rep. John Lewis. Made it back to Brooklyn in good time tonight to have a decent healthy dinner and rest up for another big day tomorrow. 

Had this yarn for three years with no plan, then the time was right. Reclaim the color pink from our corporate oppressors!

I have banned myself from my nervous habit of  job and house hunting for the foreseeable future. What is left? Writing and reading. 

Snipers on the roof of the Georgia state Capitol building

It was very peaceful and felt safe and friendly. I hope that we can keep this up forever. 

Thawing Resolve and Wandering Goals

me and my dog doing yoga in the old apartment

I’d like to cancel all my resolutions from earlier this month. Can I start over? All these commitments have me bound and struggling to breathe. Of course I love resolutions because of the feeling of control and expansiveness I have when I make them, but actually following them makes me feel the opposite.

So far this year I’m enjoying reading, writing, taking pictures and eating well. I’ve seen my family and friends for many happy hours and hope for a lot more of that. I’m getting outside and learning slowly my local birds’ habits and voices. Does everyone feel silly saying that they love doing yoga? I do and I do.

This week I’m thinking semi-seriously about topics for non-fiction narrative books that I would write. If you have suggestions, let me know!

New Museum- Pippalotti Rist

Made it to this exhibit on the recommendation of a colleague, I enjoyed the 4th floor where there were beds and huge videos projected on the ceiling that were mostly underwater pond scenes. My favorite piece was a smoke filled bubble machine. Overall the exhibit didn’t make me feel anything very strongly. Escapist and crowded with selfie hunting young people. But I am glad I went, it felt good to be out in the city, appreciating unique offerings. 

Friday Motivation

In order to keep posting regularly here on my eight year old blog, I am casting about for a focus to my writing for 2017. I enjoyed my travel writing but I’m even more interested in staying close to home this year. I like posting book reviews which don’t really grade the book but help me keep track of what I’m reading and share with my friends what I like and learn. That is an evergreen series because I am always reading, and though I go through slower patches I always have some kind of book I can write about.

As a big fan of books where people do something for a year and write about it, I’m currently turning over different challenges in my head that might be fun and fit with how I want to spend my time.

  • Nature, specifically exploring local or state parks and taking lots of photos of flora, fauna, and stone walls- I’d still like to complete the Appalachian Trail through New Jersey and write about that, I’d like to volunteer in Marine Park and write about that
  • Cooking, always fun to learn new cuisine and techniques from comfort of your own kitchen
  • Clothing, I am building up a wardrobe of things I made myself very slowly
  • Birds/Trees
  • Music
  • that’s probably enough hobbies for now.

Mulling it over the next few weeks. There are a few things I don’t care about that I’ve identified:

  • Making money from the blog
  • finding a niche and mining it for fame
  • using this to highlight my career in anyway

So, knowing what I don’t want is a start. I do think I will probably write a non-fiction book in the next few years and this is a great place to work out ideas and practice for that.

Happy Friday!


New York Times Rage


Every time I think I should subscribe to the NYTimes, they publish an infuriating, contentless, unfactchecked, article like this on on “sustainable” travel. Why don’t they hold all the sections of the paper to the same standards? Travel is an extremely lucrative industry and there are thoughtful journalists and critics who should be included in reporting, not just industry flacks and a series of lies and confusion about what is sustainable. Argh!