Results (busy person’s lies)


The results are in from my time tracking week. And as suggested in this article, I have way more time than I thought. I’m getting plenty of sleep and I have a daily exercise routine and we cook most of our meals at home. Although my commute takes up an annoying tiring and unproductive two hours a day- I knew about that and that’s peanuts to what I spend at work on “email/meetings” (3-5 hours a day!!!) or “recreational TV/Internet” after dinner (another 1-3 hours!)

I have room for improvement at work in shortening meetings and breaking out work blocks from email blocks so I can focus on completing things. I also plan to cut back on some in person meetings and schedule phone calls instead, so I’m not losing time to travel.

At home, I just was in total denial about my screen time. We’ve been watching Bloodline and of course I’m enjoying putting a little time into this blog as part of increasing my writing practice and focus. But the evening hours seem to drift away online. On Sunday I pulled out Twilight Struggle for another attempt at winning the cold war, but we are seriously not smart enough to play that game and after an hour took a nap. It’s still set up on the table because I don’t want to give up and it’s got so many damn pieces.

Friendship is another area for improvement. And communicating with my family. It’s time to schedule regular dates with friends and phone calls home, in addition to regular visits and special occasions. For my personality, a finisher and an obliger, if things are scheduled and shared with others they happen, if not…


One website for me

photo taken last weekend, way too hot to do anything today but yes I would like it if all my loved ones moved to brooklyn 

I’ve combined my two blogs into one blog so I don’t have to think about where a post belongs. Ideally this could also host anything I want to put on any of the other “online properties” because my main goal of this blog is sharing photos with my dad, Aunt Margery, Jesse Hirsch, Bethany and any other friends out there who still check in here from time to time.

Feels great. Like getting rid of clutter or using up the last of a box of something, online stuff is stuff and needs to be simplified. I’ve watched The Frugalwoods stay relentlessly on message and develop their business plans through their online writing the past two years. But she didn’t have a challenging and meaningful job to satisfy her business dreams. I realized that what I love about my blog is that it is random and messy and follows my interests not my work. It isn’t like a social media profile that others may stumble on or seek out to determine my job prospects or have inflicted upon them in a feed. It is my little corner of things. Next step, remove ads, not that I imagine there are so many popping up but why have them at all?






The Strategy of Monitoring

number-six-the-prisoner-26757617-1024-768I am aware that there are computers and apps and watches that are very pleased to track my every movement and give me and my corporate overlords access to my every thought and action. But I’m totally creeped out by that. I watched The Prisoner again this week because the Olympics opening ceremony appeared to me to be Prisoner themed. I am not a number! I am a free man!

So I’m tracking my activities this week on a good old crinkled up piece of paper, divided into tiny little boxes. The good news is that I appear to have lots of boxes! And I’m getting enough sleep, walking my dog, cooking dinner frequently and hitting the yoga mat every day.

What’s missing? friends and family mostly. Those boxes tend to get bunched up into weekends and vacation weeks scattered across the calendar. Once I’m done this little experiment (and our two important family vacations this month) I’m going to plot out a calendar of visits and activities to make sure I’m making time to see my loved ones. Wanna hang out? Set a date and let’s make it happen.


Our Backyard

Prospect Park

Despite her serious responsibilities defending our blanket, I believe that Caper enjoys the park time. This Sunday was what I consider the perfect weather and we got out there before noon and read for a while before wandering over to my inlaw’s for lunch and then to a bar for a friend’s wedding reception. A lazy Sunday, but full of activity and sociability. Notable because it is rare for me to pull it off- in the past I might have insisted”but I have to stay inside cleaning!” and then played around on the internet, or “I’m exhausted, I can’t see anyone.” or etc. etc.

I’m logging my time this week, as instructed by this article, to see if there are any patterns I’m missing or complaints I’m holding on to. I know I spend too much time on email at work (and not enough at home.) Are there any other pockets of time I could put to better use?

This week is already zipping past- hopefully we’ll be reading in the park again before we know it.

I only need one blog

Focus. I imported all my travel content over to this site and when I figure out how to redirect my URL, I will. I’m a person with no interest at present in building a “business.” This site is where regularly write about all the things I don’t want to consider “work”. It’s never been particularly organized by topic, although perhaps with one blog to think about I can clean up the categories a bit.

Of course it is frightening to commit to anything! One blog, one job, one dog, one man, one city. But wow I think it is a great way to get things done.

I have two big trips coming up: Oregon and England. I have spreadsheets for each of them, again showing a new approach (for me) to travel that involves committing to times, dates and locations ahead of time and sharing them with loved ones and fellow travelers.

Thanks for sticking with me through the years here at Fly into the Mystery.


5 year pin

autofocus had a hard time with this

This is a shock. I’m pleased and proud to have my copper (?) five year pin from the Lion’s Den and I loved putting my pin on my suit for a meeting yesterday. That means five years since Caper and I moved back to New York and in with Nick, so much has changed so wonderfully.

The time sails by with triumphs and crises, conferences and new colleagues to learn from and I feel more calm and confident with each passing day.

I had dinner with an old friend last night and he encouraged me to keep up this blog and asked me why I stopped and I pointed to the pin. I think of this blog as a place where I can share my non professional interests- which I set aside for work when I am stressed or consumed with learning a new job. I plan to keep up regular writing here for the rest of the year and hopefully through the winter ahead. Thanks for reading.