The Home War

We all cut our hair

and shaved our beards,

put on uniforms

and moved in together.

Every morning we would

sing a few morning songs

and eat tomatoes and toast.

Then we would go out

pick up the broken glass

and candy wrappers.

Slip seeds into cracks in the pavement

and fill the places someone had 

meant to put a building 

with trees and lettuces.

We read

and let some kids read to us.

In the afternoon,

we would walk

whole packs of animals

in a parade.

“Say soldier,”

someone would say,

“that’s a fine looking pup.”

And we would sign over her papers,

right there.

When the war ended

we let our hair grow

and we stopped sleeping

in bunk beds.

The city was better

because of us.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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