North Shore Mallrats

mall rat
mall rat

Did you know, I have seen the film Mallrats at least twelve times?  It’s true.  This Sunday I got to stroke my suburban life fetish with my friend Anna.  She needed cute dresses to wear in St. John’s this weekend, so I got to carry around an espresso cup and eat a pretzeldog.

Although I made very few dick jokes, I like to think my exuberant fascination with the mall (Did you know they have a whole Cheesecake Factory!?!) paid homage to the crappy buddy movie.  God bless America.  Unfortunately, the mall is not protected from the specter of financial death-  it is very very clean, but it has as many or more boarded up storefronts as the downtown.  They just have huge pictures of pubescent girls and boys plastered on them, lips parted in anticipation of the purchase of a lightweight cardigan for spring in one of 8 colors, no doubt.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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