Goat is so in right now

Jasper, my mother's goat
Jasper, my mother's goat

1 new york city beer and tip $7 times 5 = $35
times 3 nights $105
= one good week’s beer expenses

compare with pastoral interests:
one MA goat from craigslist $200

one goat from heifer international, no milking required

Goats have been on my mind lately. I ordered some at the Highland Kitchen last week but it was inedible. I have a secret unfounded belief that I could easily feed a family on a half acre farm. A family and half acre which I don’t possess. But through the magic of mathematics it becomes clear I can’t afford not to buy a goat for someone else. Using the money I would have spent on beer in one week back in Brooklyn.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

1 thought on “Goat is so in right now”

  1. can you tell me more about highland kitchen? It has become a legendary place and fate always prevents me from trying it.

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