Nick and Norah vs Zack and Miri

These couples are ten years and two socioeconomic classes apart. Out in Pittsburgh, Z and M are 30, orphaned and broke, heating their apartment with a barrel fire. N and N are rich, 18, and make NYC look like a joyous playground. I actually thought “wow, it would be fun to grow up in Jersey!” while watching this, something i had certainly never considered before.

What do they have in common beyond a romantic comedy structure- that is, fantasy, and gayness and sleeping around for others, straightness and fidelity for our heroes. Also, friendship and family are far less important than true love.

Did i like them? Yes, I liked them both. Do I feel satisfied? No i do not. I liked the urban playground more (there’s Union Pool! I’ve been there!)- i couldn’t let go of the idea that Zack and Miri were going to die of carbon monoxide poisoning. For that matter there is no way N & N are getting through the first semester of college together- it’s a summer fling that makes me feel old and somehow more perverted that watching Traci Lords have anal sex. Why?

I want more from the movies. I want real characters.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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