Going Postal by Terry Pratchett

Often the thing that comes closest to the feeling of the truth is lies. This is not a bad thing. Facts are often irrelevant and fairly dull. Lies can be poetry. And feelings are, sadly, totally divorced from reality.
Moist Von Lipwig is a career conman who gets caught and after being hung til almost dead is placed in charge of the completely dysfunctional postal service of a seething, crooked, multicultural city. He is the perfect management choice. He uses his confidence tricks to understand people and get them to do amazing things. His gold suit and fakery works better than any dull facts.

Perhaps this is why all management texts and “leadership” training are absolute and utter bullshit. What you need to do is make people believe they are leaders and they will behave like them. And, you need to give them a show.

We have this amazing store of energy that positively leaks out of us, if we don’t put it to work. We get to choose how we direct that power for as long as we have it- it is mostly invisible and so potent that usually we can’t bear to think of it.
Good luck with your confidence games this week, my friends.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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