The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith

My ugly and pedestrian reason for resisting these lauded books was, Africa? I don’t really like books about Africa. Won’t they be depressing? And what does that weird old Scottish guy on the back cover know about Africa anyway?

The series sensitively and acutely examines the universal human condition while also making the reader care very much about Africa. The character of Precious Ramotswe, traditionally built crimesolver and ethicist, is a gift to the entire world. My xenophobia only hurt myself by keeping me from these books, by turns soothing, thoughtful, and dramatic. Read them, or as I did, listen to them in the car or lying on your living room floor. Lisette Lecat voices all the characters pitch perfectly.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

2 thoughts on “The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith”

  1. I have read every single one of these books despite

    a) books being written by old white scotsman

    b) me being called a “tittering grandmother” by my friend maureen

    I love the heck out of them.

  2. I think that this could be more evidence of you and I living in an alternate reality. I’m glad I’m not alone here- if I have to be a tittering grandmother, it’s good to have company. P.S. Maureen is clearly jealous.

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