The Art Of Being Human: Shambhala Training Level 1

There is a great reserve of untapped energy. More than one friend, beautiful, shockingly intelligent and with fancy advanced degrees spends hours wondering why a man doesn’t call her back, exhausting herself. Another is so overwhelmed by his thoughts that he expends thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours a month on bars, drugs and video games, trying to subdue his mind. (I do both, ha)

It is like parking your car and leaving the lights on so when you need it, your car won’t start. I thought about what would be possible if all those little drains of energy, negative thoughts, obsessive thoughts, or just boring and irrelevant thoughts could be eliminated. I think, we could do anything! We are using perhaps ten percent of our potential energy.

I spent Friday night and all day Saturday and Sunday at the Shambhala center in Brookline. The essence of the weekend training was to work with your mind so it thinks about what you want it to think about. Your mind works for you. To train it, myself and the thirty other students spent many hours focusing our minds on our breath. It was exhausting. I feel I made a good start. And there were deviled eggs and chocolate cheesecake at the end.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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