Community Supported Fisheries

I sure missed the year round green market in McCarren Park when I moved up here. Paradoxically, closer to the source of many delicious foods, I did not know how to get them. There’s a goat farm, a winery, fine bakers, actual farms all nearby. It requires a bit more effort than the stroll with the dog to the park. However, there is something really special going on here: Community Supported Fisheries.

You know about the CSA concept where you pay up front to the farmer to get a share of the harvest every week, whatever it might be?  This is the same but for fish.  Organized by the wonderfully named Gloucester Fisherman’s Wives Association, you are guaranteed 3-4 lbs a week of environmentally responsible fresh and local fish.  This is their first season and they have been completely overwhelmed by the response, people love this idea.  Take that, Bittman.

I think this is also an example of effective microlending in the U.S.  This week started lending to U.S. borrowers and there has been a debate raging, at least amongst the “Lending Librarians” on the appropriateness of this.  I think there are much more effective ways to work with poverty in the U.S. and lending money to local fishermen is a great way to support your neighbors and get something you want and otherwise couldn’t.  Start where you are, I say.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

1 thought on “Community Supported Fisheries”

  1. John met the executive director of Modest Needs at a non-profit fair this winter. His organization provides small grants for specific expenses to people who are on the edge of poverty. I’ve been fortunate because my parents have helped me out in hard situations- like when our union went on strike. I like this idea.

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