Other people’s apartments

john is so mischeivous Everyone in NYC is moving apartments.  It’s like a hive swarming.  All the little worker bees are settling into new better digs.

More light, better location, less ceiling falling down.  Congrats to Jessie and John, Jon and Christina, Shirley and Eric.  Love the new places.

relaxing after the moveI arrived just in time to relax on the stoop and the roof.  It reminds me of my Huron street place.  I love hanging out on NYC roof, although your skin gets covered with a fine greasy ash.

No one in Beverly hangs out on their stoop.  It is not a New England activity.  I love stoop sitting, too.

jessie on her new stoop

shirley's new lobby
shirley's new lobby

Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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