The Hangover: Movie Review

The musical cues in this film are amazing- they grabbed me by the neck and rubbed my face in my pleasurable addictions. When the bachelor party goes up on the roof, dressed to party and taking their first drinks, the lights of the city in front of them, I felt that familiar buzz of potential at the beginning of an epic night. Which makes you forget the bill to be paid in the morning.

It’s a genius setup, building tension and ridiculousness as the bachelor party tries to piece together what happened. The next scene owes much to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and borrows a bit of the danger and misery of that film, although not the depth.

For me, the roof scene is way more romantic than the (spoiler, I guess?) wedding scene, which felt tacked on and tired. Bros before hoes? Gender dysphoria? I’m never going to be invited to a bachelor party.

I think I have to watch it again. It’s got a great engine and good flawed characters doing uncomfortable performances (although the pretty boys were dull- could have had a little more Thomas Haden Church pathos from them). But it lost steam for me partway through. Or my blueberry martini wore off at that point. What do you all think?


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

4 thoughts on “The Hangover: Movie Review”

  1. Xina and I saw this last weekend and enjoyed it. I felt like the potty humor was clever enough to to make and otherwise completely vacuous film enjoyable. Good candy film. Interestingly that beginning part on the roof was what I have imagined every bachelor party to be like, but they never are. Although the optimism of an amazing night to come made me think of the bachelor party in Vegas I was at in April…where the wild crazy camaraderie never materialized…

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