raw milkI joined the raw milk co-op. When I was a little girl, I walked down the hill to the Dickinson’s farm to get fresh buttermilk for my mother to bake with. The milk and yogurt taste fresh and like my childhood. It comes in these big farm jars that you rinse and return.


Author: Emily

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2 thoughts on “raw”

  1. My parents used to buy milk from the local dairy too – it came in these heavy glass milk bottles with plastic caps. At my parents house there are two refrigerators, the main one in the kitchen then an old klunker in the basement for overflow and extra stuff that doesn’t fit in the main one. We used to buy several half gallons of milk at a time, and the extras were kept in that basement overflow fridge.

    Once my parents got a quart of chocolate milk from the farm as a treat – I guess they made it fresh out there too. We rarely had sweets or junk food in the house so it was a big deal. I was tasked with putting it in the basement fridge for later. The fridge was full and I could barely fit it in. I held it with my hand and then quickly slammed the door before it could fall out. It was only after the door was closed when I realized that the next person who opened the door would cause the precious chocolate milk to fall onto the concrete basement and shatter.

    I was terrified, both of losing the milk and also of being responsible for an accident. I fretted about it for an hour or so, hanging around the top of the basement steps in case someone went down there. I finally worked up the courage to admit my problem to mom, who carefully opened the fridge and saved the day.

    One of the few country things that I’m nostalgic for is farm fresh milk and cream.

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