my dad is a hero

Peter Macdonald/Recorder

He saved this goldfish at work. If he ever tries to give you any jewelry he found at work, probably don’t take it. My favorite parts of this story are A: his supervisor’s commendation and B: the amazing comments.

I also appreciate the headline farther down the page “Heath organ makes its goal” because I am very immature. It will be sad if the local papers disappear. I think they will be reincarnated- there will likely always be someone who wants to go over to the plant and take a picture of a miracle fish. Always.

Go dad!


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

3 thoughts on “my dad is a hero”

  1. Oh I love that kind of local journalism. And look at the impassioned comments section! My fave:

    Gee,rather than shipping to Texas salt mines for a petroleum feedstock,use heat pump inverter stpped up power to microwave it-feed it to valley corn crops-recyle the spent silage to livestock feed-and nature purified-petroleum-a whole hecka less-weird-but I guess-the social lemons-have other-chips to grind..good source of paper stock-later-pasture-soybeans,etc

  2. Would it survive a roller coaster ride on the Cyclone? I know not. A lot of pollution in the Coney Island environs. Congrats Mr. Nichols!

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