CiderDays in Franklin County

corn prints 004 For five dollars you got this very nice little glass, and there was a standing room only crowd of extremely serious folks listening intently and asking questions about the science of cider. 250 people. Servers would come around and serve you a little bit and the guys on stage would discuss it, after the maker stood up and described how it was made. It was lovely.
Then I had an apple dumpling/fresh goat cheese/ lady apple picnic with my family on the grass in front while other people’s children whipped gourds at each other. I love Western Massachusetts.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

6 thoughts on “CiderDays in Franklin County”

  1. We’ve decided (very scientifically) that it doesn’t really matter what apples you use, as long as you don’t cut out the brown spots. My dad just got a new mill so cider-making is no longer an all-day sweatfest. I missed it this year but next year I’ll count you in! I love WMass too!!

  2. “children whipped gourds at each other”

    For some reason the term “whipped” meaning throwing gave me a big rush of nostalgia for being outdoors in the fall and throwing stuff around.

  3. He said he tried making hard cider one year and it just tasted like rotten cider. I told him that’s what hard cider tastes like.

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