December Cookie Contest

While watching the Patriots lose badly last night I hatched a genius marketing scheme. Last month, we here at fly into the mystery had our most traffic ever. To encourage your obsessive interest in my blog, I am giving away cookies. This is a bit unfair, as Bethany has already won this week’s contest.
These are Sweet Pumpkin Cookies from the Moosewood Restaurant New Classics(2001). They are quite delicious, so I fell asleep after eating six and didn’t have to watch the excruciating last quarter of the game.
Also! Did you know the postal service is in trouble? I love the postal service. I love getting mail and sending mail. I sent over one hundred postcards this year- and got some beautiful cards back. It is only 8 cents more than a text message! So here is Bethany’s package:
Don’t you wish that was in your mailbox? There will be another cookie comment contest next week. Watch this space!


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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