Guest Bloggin’ for the Desk Set

Next month I will be the featured personality over at the deskset, run by the fabulous ladies who are hosting the Biblioball tomorrow night (go, please if you are in NYC- it benefits library services to incarcerated teens- and they have an awesome lineup of entertainments, plus free whiskey Jesse.)

Sarah and Maria said I could write about whatever I want. I’m planning to write some short essays on Children’s Librarianship, Brooklyn vs. Beverly, and uh what else guys? The trick is balancing the confessional nature of blogging with interesting topical writing. Readers, I believe, want both.

Accordingly I’ve been thinking extra hard about my career and the directions it has taken so far- did I have any intention of becoming a children’s librarian when I moved to Brooklyn? No. I did not.

I will post the links to my essays once they are live. I think that you know you have arrived as a blogger when you become a guest blogger. Like a game show personality!


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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