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I’m updating the museum club sections of my site.  With special assistance from Ms. Miranda I have been thinking about what I want to be next and I am convinced that the next step will involve working with museums, exhibition design, and writing about history and art.  This is what I love love love.  But I do not think a(nother) graduate degree is necessarily in order.  My dream career would involve public speaking and writing, daily contact with physical objects of beauty and meaning, and significantly less time spent on the computer.  Intellectually challenging and with a lot of flexibility, this career would offer projects that have a naturally shortish lifespan- like an exhibition or event.

I haven’t had much success getting people to join my free museum clubs- do you all have any suggestions that would get people out of the house on a weekend afternoon to explore their regions and support cultural institutions?  Do you think people would be willing to pay someone to design experiences for them that would be social and fun but intellectually stimulating?  Perhaps an institution would hire someone who can reach out to a younger demographic in a rigorous way- if there aren’t enough individuals who can afford that.

What do you think?


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

7 thoughts on “Museum Clubbing”

  1. My mother and her friends do just that – pay someone to arrange musuem trips for them. It’s an adult education class offered by the local high school. Twice a month a bunch of 70 year old ladies get on a bus and are taken to two museums. The woman who organizes it picks the museums, arranges the tours, and on the bus ride she tells them about what they’re going to see. They could just go to museums on their own, but they probably wouldn’t, and having someone arrange everything and provide some structure is a valuable service that they’re willing to pay for.

  2. We have thirty (mostly working class) kids paying big bucks to go to Spain during their April vacation this year. Much of their time will be spent on a tour bus. Why not a local and/or small scale version of that?

  3. meet up’s culture groups sort of do this on a local scale and for free I think right? Not sure if that’s something good or bad for you to think about.

    1. yes- I searched nyc museum club and came up with a genius woman’s page: she charges $5 to join and has 1300 members! You can’t tell anything about the club unless you join. Why didn’t I think of that? Have you gone to any meetups, al?

  4. There are also book clubs that pay good money to smart fun people to facilitate their discussions of books with literary value. My friend Marion subsidized her graduate degree this way. I don’t see why you couldn’t do the same with museums.

  5. i know there are local trips often that go from the Cape to NYC , we have a lot of old people, and they go on busses (or is it just buses now?). it always seemed too long of a day for me. recently, ben said, hey let’s go to the Currier Museum, in NH. i whined about dragging the dog but he convinced me. we had a blast! totally fun and i had no idea about this museum before. i would therefore be interested if someone else was doing the organizing and it was a good value. also, as we live in an area with high retiree content, i think there could be a good market for this sort of thing aimed towards a younger set.

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