Let’s get Liminal

Ha! I kill me. What I mean is that in reviewing 2009 I can’t think of a lot of events or discoveries to list, like I did last year. It was an in between sort of year, changeable. So very many fried clams. Although last year’s list is most notable for the things I didn’t say, so maybe I can first revise 2008 for your reading pleasure.

In 2008 I quit my job and left my home for a town that I had never heard of before. Riding wave of freedom and panic I wrote an entire novel my second month in this town.

2009 was more of a clean up job. There was a lot of overstuffed emotional baggage that had to be unpacked now that I had time and space and perspective. Some friendships grew much stronger and more honest, while others fell away. I lost twenty-five pounds by catching up on ten years’ sleep and laying off the beer. I reconnected with my family. I wrote this blog steadily and joyfully and people read it (600 unique visitors a month!)

2010 promises both more drastic change and more focus.
In January I am kicking of the year blogging for the desk set about children’s librarianship and the differences I’ve found working in Brooklyn and working in Beverly. I am excited and terrified to broaden my readership and also share my perspective on my library career. To this end, I’ve joined a writing group, which will meet once a month and provide a supportive flexible forum for me to improve my work. Will this turn into a full scale memoir about my years at BPL? I hope so.

I am also organizing the Museum Club in a coherent way: I plan to visit one museum in NY and one in New England every month this year and write essays about them that are entertaining in their own right and also encourage people to get out and support the amazing cultural resources that surround us. You, yes, YOU, are invited to join me. I am setting up another blog for museum club and will add folks as contributors if they are interested. If people enjoy the online magazine maybe we will print up a physical magazine and send it to Museum Club members. Sounds fun, right? And maybe, just maybe, we can get someone to pay for a trip to Venice where we write all about it.

My third creative goal is creating some short films. Will these be travel, comedy or female buddy pictures? Hopefully all three. Stay tuned.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

10 thoughts on “Let’s get Liminal”

  1. Hi Emily,
    This popped up when I opened the computer…your posts are great, Dom is about to slam his hands on the computer, and I applaud and celebrate your 2009 and resolve for 2010. Awesome.

  2. Man, everything you are saying sounds wonderful and exciting and I’m jealous of your excitement. It was wonderful to see you, can’t wait until your next trip south!

  3. What a sensible look forward and backward. I had a hard time with that myself this year. It felt like a very in-between year – but I also think I don’t have enough perspective yet. I’m not very analytical, even when I’m really trying. I love the idea of a Museum Club. Going to one museum a month is almost always on my resolution list, but rarely maintained. You’ve given me a new goal – and maybe even a new writing venue. When we take the grandchildren to an art museum in the summer we always have a very interesting experience ourself. I recommend MassMoCA to all grandparents. All that weird and wonderful art can engage children in surprising ways. I don’t know why parents concentrate on science museums for their young children. Don’t they know that playful expression and imagination are vital to science – even if they aren’t interest in The Arts?

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