Gnocchi for Breakfast

A light, wholesome meal. No? I’m doing kitchen experiments again in preparation for some real food writing. I have three recipes- I have used Marcella Hazan’s in the past which calls for no eggs just potato and flour like an impoverished peasant. She’s stingy with the eggs in general. I have something called Urban Italian by Andrew Carmellini. And I have Lidia’s Italy by the dowager queen. Have you ever had memorable gnocchi? is it just a starch blob for meat juices? Or can it be something with a distinct identity? Thoughts.

Well, Carmellini’s tasted like pillows. Which is how Siena explained gnocchi should taste- it was so satisfying that I feel like I am now done with my gnocchi project. Next step: Peruvian rotisserie chicken? Pio Pio.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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