State and Main: Movie Review

PRODUCER: How are you getting along with the locals?
DIRECTOR: Like dykes and dogs.

Alright fine I love David Mamet. This is a cynical film about making a movie in a small town. And it’s also an old fashioned romantic comedy. Alec Baldwin sleazes around town and Sarah Jessica Parker is the needy emotional vacuum leading lady. It was filmed in Manchester by the Sea, pretending to be Vermont by keeping the cameras pointed inland.
Philip Seymour Hoffman plays the writer and Rebecca Pidgeon is an unflappable small town bookstore owner as the real heroes of the film about purity? and second chances. Mamet gets to have it both ways, cynical and hopeful, mistakes made and redemption found.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

1 thought on “State and Main: Movie Review”

  1. It’s very funny to see you reviewing this movie. I was thinking about it the other day and thought I should ask you whether you’ve seen it because I thought you would like it.

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