Boil Water Alert!

Caper and I, having ingested pond water from the sink (not our first, certainly, but somehow pond water from a pond is less sinister) are now lying on the couch awaiting intestinal upset. Just to keep you posted. Also my landlady gave me a ceramic bowl full of four kinds of fancy cheese that I’m supposed to take downstairs and refill whenever it is empty. That’s right, I have a magical bottomless cheese pot. Could also lead to intestinal upset.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

6 thoughts on “Boil Water Alert!”

  1. Somerville sounds like a fairytale. Have you talked to J&X about their landlady? Really different sort of fairytale.

  2. If Carina doesn’t stop spoiling you you’re going to have no need whatsoever for any of the rest of us. I’ll have to talk with her about this. And about how to sign up for a bottomless cheese pot.

  3. I bet that house is 8 million dollars. But thanks for thinking of me. We’ll come visit soon, promise!

  4. Hi Emily, it’s Miranda’s friend Katherine just saying hello. I love your backyard and home office photos and I hope the intestinal upset was short lived, if it occured. Take care!

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