cheer up!

Ack, I’ve been very Eeyore lately. It is a defense mechanism. Everything is so wonderful for me right now- I can’t even begin to count my blessings and instead am pretending that every thing is bad and difficult so I won’t be struck by a lightning bolt or a city bus. Does that work?
This is my bike. It is red!


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

3 thoughts on “cheer up!”

  1. damn Jesse you are too fast! after a few shockers to the system as a teenager, i developed that feeling of always waiting for the other shoe to drop. it began to feel easier to expect something horrible to occur than to get lost in a blissful feeling and then get unwittingly blindsided. i became witting! – always more clever than fate, knowing that if things were good, they could go wrong at any moment. i still am always aware that if things are bad, they can, always get worse. that is a bit of absurd humor though.
    i realize now that good and bad things both always happen, life is not good interrupted by bad (or vice versa) but that i would miss out on enjoying the good, if i was hesitant, one ear to the ground for the oncoming bad.

    enjoy the bike!yeah! every summer i hop on my bike to work once and can’t seem to keep at it. you have inspired me (again!)

    1. Yeah, I think gloominess is a habit, like smoking or facebooking, that can be worked with and managed. Maybe I’ll bike out to the cape! Hmmm, lot of traffic. But that would be fun- check out your show, see your lovely little house in person. Something to ponder!

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