Experiments: Backwards/Forwards

As of this writing I’m planning to move back to the North Shore in September. I will have had a five month stint as a city resident and commuter during which time some might say I made my life needlessly exhausting and complicated. However, I was running several simultaneous experiments which have yielded positive and useful results.

  1. living in Somerville with old friends for the summer is fun
  2. lunching with Caper is a housing priority
  3. attained greater and nuanced appreciation for my job and the community I work in.

If I think of how many times I’ve moved I feel very tired.  But if I think of today where I am in my happy treehouse apartment writing on the deck in a breeze with a big cup of coffee- no problem.  Each move brings more insight and new opportunities.  As my poor patrons know, I’m a physical learner: rearranging the furniture and the books helps me think.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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