Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin

image of book coverI’ve been following Grace Lin’s career since I moved back to Massachusetts- she is a diligent and thoughtful blogger and a neighbor (although we have not met). Before finding her blog, I had not noticed her work. But she is someone to watch because of the seriousness of her efforts and the playfulness of her work.

Her Newbery honor winner of this year is the quest of a young Chinese girl who seeks to change her family’s fortune. Grace started telling this story aloud when she was sitting in the hospital with her first husband who was dying of cancer. After he was gone, she did not want to finish the book. However she was able to work through her grief and tell this story and it has changed Grace’s fortune. The illustrations and the text work well together and it has the timeless dreamy quality of a classic children’s novel, that is, one written for a person of any age who is looking for answers and open to finding them through fantasy.

Go Grace! I am so looking forward to your future work, and your career is very inspiring to me. I have been on my quest now for three years and it feels like my fortune changes everyday. It is important to follow all the little red strings that pop up and not be afraid to listen to talking fish.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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