Family Cookbook

Many of my great grandmother’s dessert recipes call for suet. I found some at the pet store but it is intended for birds and is marked not for human consumption. I wonder how suet differs from lard. Perhaps if we have anymore snow days I will be desperate enough to experiment? Or it could be a project for my new after school science club at the library…


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

7 thoughts on “Family Cookbook”

  1. When I was a kid, my mom and grandmother used to hang suet outside for the birds. Their version was just the fat trimmed off of meat, stuffed into a net. Not sure if this is what your grandmother’s recipe refers to, but wouldn’t you love little chunks of beef gristle in your pudding?

  2. My mom gets suet from the butcher shop to make plum pudding. It doesn’t taste like anything and you’d never know it was in there. It behaves like shortening basically.

  3. Love your grandmother’s receipt (recipe) book. So cool.
    Suet is beef fat, whereas lard is hog fat. Yes, they are different. They’re also both different from butter, shortening (Crisco), and so forth; but, I suppose, possibly, if in a pinch, those could be used as substitutes. (Or not! I guess it depends on how authentically you want to recreate your grandmother’s recipe) Cooking suet IS different from suet that’s set out for birds, as well. You never know where it’s been or how it was handled. Having said all that, it certainly IS possible to find actual suet aka beef fat. At one of my local, Big Name grocery stores, I just ask the folks in the butcher department for it…and it’s free! But any store that cuts its own meat should have it. Oh, and it does melt, so it’s not as if you’re going to chomp into a big piece in the finished/cooked dish. Good luck! Carolina

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