Museum of the Moving Image, Astoria

image of a museum theaterThe hot pink entrance and stark white interior of the new lobby, cafe, store and screening rooms are striking. Unfortunately, they did not give the Museum Club a spot to meet up before purchasing tickets- if the weather had been a bit better I would have waited outside, away from the stern looks of the line guard. The excellent and diverse film screenings every weekend are included in your admission but require a reservation so it’s important for the group to coordinate their visit before checking in.
The renovations have included some new elements- highlighted were some gory special effects from Black Swan, and a magical Rowling-like mirror that lets visitors try on costumes from the museum’s extensive collection. This was so popular I couldn’t get close. The exhibits have retained an emphasis on the golden age and history of movies and moviegoing. Younger visitors were most drawn to the playable vintage video games that most resembled current systems, while their parents enjoyed the older technology. Virtual Reality interactive exhibits made me dizzy and a bit germphobic when trying on the greasy 3D glasses provided in the gallery.
Afterward we proceeded to the Astor Room, a restaurant around the corner in the old Astoria Kaufman film studio cafeteria that is nostalgic for the golden age. Unfortunately, not open ’til 4. So Studio Square Beer Garden it was- pitchers and fries. More The Hangover than Duck Soup. Followed by restorative Venezuelan food at the Arepas Cafe.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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