Lizard Music by Daniel Pinkwater: Book Review

image of a book coverDaniel Pinkwater in his own words “has written hundreds of books, many of them good.” Lizard Music is his first and it is wonderful. Accidentally left to his own devices while his parents are on vacation, Victor starts to see his neighborhood and the observable in an entirely new and unconventional way. He takes the bus to the big city, talks to strangers and stays up late enough to see what is after the late late movie- rock and roll playing lizards who are trying to rescue the world.   That his visions may have been inspired by the glue from his model airplane kit is something only a square adult would quibble about. His pragmatic observations are a comic foil to the absurd narrative. This book from the nineteen seventies might remind adults of Donald Barthelme’s postmodern novels. Kids will appreciate the voice, humor, and adventure, although they might need to ask their grandparents to explain Walter Cronkite.

I regularly post children’s book reviews on my library’s website.  Since I review books I personally love- it occurs to me you might love them too.   I’m going to do some crossposting here, expanding a bit on the adult appeal.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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