All You Need is Love (and a job and a place to live)

oh, my practical middle-class heart… These are favors  from my cousin Molly’s fabulous Chicago wedding. Due partly to my own damn fault and partly to outside factors I managed to squeeze a whole year’s worth of events into the past month. On Easter weekend we said goodbye to a great man, my step grandfather Johs Clausen. Then I returned to Beverly to say a less permanent goodbye to all my North Shore friends and colleagues in a whirlwind of weepy story times, tasty dinners, and a lovely party hosted by my dear friend Pat Danielson overlooking Beverly Harbor. Then to Chicago to toast Molly and Jeff and sample local cheese and beer at the Haymarket Brewery. We squeezed in an architectural boat tour on the Chicago river. Then back to Beverly to pack the truck. Caper and I moved on Nick’s birthday into Nick’s home.  Surprise!  Then I headed right back to Massachusetts for my college reunion with awesome Park House friends. Then back to NYC,  to a conference for Museum Educators. And then I got the “you are finally on vacation” flu.  And now I’m finally settled enough to jot this down for my few faithful readers. More about the job once I’ve started and much more about Astoria, my new neighborhood, but I am pleased to have carried off a number of challenging life changes in a short period of time and I’m sorry I’ve been off the grid here for a while, hope to catch up with you all soon.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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