New Year’s resolutions 2013

1) write
I gave up my daily journal several years ago when I was giving up everything and rebuilding from the ground up. Journaling, stalwart friend of my teens and twenties, felt like another bad habit. Reinforcing negativity and storing it up to confront me later. I let go of the notion that my precious pages would someday be of historical value, as any day now I was certain to be catapulted toward fame and a nationwide fascination with my daily life would follow.
In my college archives I had studied the journals of an unsuccessful short story writer. Was this really how I wanted to be remembered? From drafts and drivel? Better to maintain the mystery.
Then of course I started blogging here, edited journaling with photos. I worked at a professional, friendly and inquisitive tone. I was delighted that I was sharing some of my best ideas with those who chose to read and I loved the comments and following my online friends in their creative endeavors. Ideas seemed to feed on each other and I would follow.
Then I moved and started three jobs in a year and my commute went from 20 minutes to two hours per day.
And now, having regained my balance, I am back. Ready to pick up the threads and follow them through 2013.
Hopefully they will include the following:
2) design of clothing
3) experiments with cooking
4) camping / adventures in our national parks
5) family time
6) museum club
7) working with children and literature

Happy New Year to you all!


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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