Books for Elliot’s First Month

My new nephew already has a significant library for his first month. His mother is a writer and his father is a voracious autodidact. Although there are still many people who look confused when I tell them about baby story time, Elliot is on track to get all the benefits of early literacy and book loving parents.
I will be welcoming a large number of new people into the world this year and I thought I should share my professional skills at selecting infant books.
The only rule- buy what you like.

If you haven’t picked up a children’s picture book in a few decades, prepare to be impressed. Improved technology and Printing techniques and sophistication have led to vibrant and impressive multicolored works of a length and variety impossible to imagine in the past. However, the glitter and flash unfortunately did not lead to there being a sum increase in genius in the world, so though books look a lot better, and there are a lot more of them, it is still difficult to find a great book.
The best thing about babies – they haven’t read anything so they are incredibly easy to shop for. And unlike a duplicate crib or bouncing swing, the average baby will destroy at least three copies of pat the bunny in his or her early years. So feel free to buy your favorites and stack them deep on low shelves.
I went with blueberries for sal for Elliot’s first book from me because his parents make delicious blueberry jam. Elliot’s paternal grandmother would take me and my brother up to the low bush blueberry farm in our hometown to pick twenty pounds of berries that we would freeze for the winter. I remember sitting in the bushes and eating as many as I could reach while my mother picked.
My hope is that my nephew will be connected to his father’s childhood through that book. And that he will have days as sweet in beautiful New England.
I think you can’t go wrong selecting books for young people as gifts if you go with what you like. And, often the givers also make a gift of their memories of the book and the adults who first shared it with them, passing stories and good feelings as family heirlooms.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

1 thought on “Books for Elliot’s First Month”

  1. I’m so happy that you’re blogging again and sharing your ideas and kindness with your many fans.
    My gift to my nieces and nephews and now to my grandnieces and grandnephews is, “Make Way for Ducklings”, as a gentle reminder of how fun a trip to Boston could be. McCloskey manages to teach us to appreciate what we have enjoyed.

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