Writing at Work

My first job in New York was at a cosmetics startup, now defunct, called Delux Beauty. My days involved answering the phone and fulfilling orders and learning to wear a small amount of sparkly eyeshadow. Our office was in the garment district on the 12th floor and it was winter- very authentic. For lunch I would go to Papaya Dog or the Cupcake Cafe.
After a month or so my boss gave me a new assignment – come up with a snappy phrase to describe a new lipstick!
Like Peggy on Mad Men, I was plucked from secretary hood to the creative classes! I went home and practiced pairing descriptive B words- Bold, Beautiful,Bodacious, Bright, Brilliant. I think that was the theme. I presented my three best ideas the next morning and was not consulted on creative matters again. A few months later, Brooklyn Public called me and that was the end of my corporate career. Ten years ago, precisely.
I still feel the thrill of stringing words together professionally- this week I finally posted my first blog entry on children’s literature on NYPL’s blog.
Please forgive the typos – now that I’ve started I will continue and improve.
Surprising me, this post was selected to go in the latest newsletter for children’s services. Whenever things like that happen I feel like Steve Martin in the Jerk when he finds his name in the phone book- “this is the kind of exposure that could really get a person noticed!” It is! And I feel happy and hopeful as that character- if you show up, and be yourself, people are bound to notice.

20130106-184435.jpgthis is Enda in a carina Grenhamoriginal.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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