Sustainable City

Nine new street trees were planted on my block this week!

20131129-103703.jpgmy pessimist native New Yorker husband had some theory that the dozens of marked sidewalk areas that appeared in the last few weeks were for new gas lines or something, but no! New trees!
My neighborhood is becoming my home as I feel more grounded each week. We now have a convenient compost drop off by the subway, a good farmers market in the dog friendly Socrates sculpture garden, a decent local pub, and at least one great local brewery.
Although I miss the quiet and the stars and peacefulness of Heath, I love that my life in the city gives me so much time not driving and instead maximizing the local resources. I will plan to spend frequent weekends and breaks on the family farms, but day to day, queens has plenty of joy.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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