New Blogging Device Acquired

I have a new machine that has a keyboard. After my laptop died 3 years ago, this blog has been a bit haphazard. My technological reticence has been handily defeated by my dear husband who wanted me to stop using his two computers. Now I can sit at my desk and type and type on my own little machine.

My mother insisted that I take typing in school and it was one of her many many wise parenting decisions. It was a very enjoyable class, too, as we used these satisfying electric typewriters and we would race to the end of the lessons in these old fliptop books. I feel sorry for people who have to learn to type on computers. Although even back then we had Mavis Beacon software on our home computer that was vaguely enjoyable as we had few games.

See? I’ve already written more on the new device than I have in years typing on my phone. Quantity over quality!
This time of year brings out much hope for the new one and its bouncing promise. I have revived my museum blog as a slow travel blog – I have been looking for great resources on local adventures and figure I can encourage myself with a place for mine. This blog will continue to flit between my current interests in DIY projects, books, and movies.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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