Our first beer- Happy New Year!


Look I took one of those whatchamacallits- first beer of the new year is homemade. My dad got me and Nick a starter kit from Northern Brewer of Irish Red Ale, the easiest and now that we know we can make beer in a bucket in a corner of our tiny home, we are totally hooked. Along with the rest of NYC, I think- 6 breweries opened in Queens this year, including Singlecut Beersmiths right in Astoria. They have a tap room with local good food and music every weekend up by our local sewage treatment plant- I was very impressed when we rode up there before it got cold.

Two breweries are opening in Staten Island next month – apparently the first since the sixties. This town is really coming around – soon we will have all the wonderful amenities of Western Mass. Plus I love taking that ferry- it will be perfect to add the breweries to my first 2014 summer slow travel getaway. Camping on Staten Island – Bikes, Beer and Birdwatching. perhaps I can make it an excursion and invite strangers and fulfill my dreams of becoming a slow travel guide. Like our awesome kayak instructor- can it be done from home, or does one have to chuck everything and head to margaritaville?

Here in Queens we are expecting six inches of snow- will our new mayor cancel work? We have such high hopes for him- 7 billion dollars in back pay and an extra day off…. I love snow, especially since I have no house or car and never ever have to shovel or scrape ice or sit in a frigid auto, waiting for it to warm up. Snow is a joy and relief and it is too rare in NYC winters. While we wait out the winter these beer experiments are an excellent pastime- Next up is the Greenport Harbor Black Duck Porter. It’s from a kit we picked up at Brooklyn Homebrew and we know what it’s supposed to taste like because we had a wonderful slow travel bicycle trip to the tasting room in Greenport in October. Then an IPA… Then we start to really experiment.

I think we have now answered the question to why I stopped writing. No keyboard. Thanks Nick!


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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