Wind Chill and the power of Optimism

This is the week of the year when things seem most bleak- it’s dark, it’s cold, and the news is blaring don’t go out except in emergencies, so work is an emergency I guess. People are grumpy. One just wants to sleep.

Of course the news and our coworkers love to dwell on how things are even worse than we think! Take the wind chill- it feels way colder than it is! Waaaaaaah! I don’t want to go to work!

So to combat the general low energy here is a list of things that are awesome right now:

1) It is perfect reading weather. I went through months of not having the will power to finish reading a pickle recipe (Ingredients: Vegetable, Salt) and all of a sudden I’m downloading and discovering all sorts of wonderful books. How To Change The World, Bitter Brew. And great web sites- have you seen the Transition Town Movement? It’s all about how to make positive change locally in a world that may possibly not be just as we hope.

2)Our home is toasty warm.

3)I have a fascinating, challenging job.

4)I have plans to see friends and family soon.

5)Adventure of the week- heading out to Staten Island by bike on Thursday to see the new jewel of NYPL. Forecasts say it should be warm enough and my poor bike has been languishing in my office since the beginning of December.

I’ll take pictures. Happy Polar Vortex everyone!


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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