Slow clothing


I’ve gone off sweater patterns completely, I’m just making things up now and seeing how they work. Each sweater pattern seemed to require a new set of needles and I like the needles I already have. This wool combination reminds me of my mother’s dark hair and blue eyes. I’ve also delved into the intense fantasy/roleplaying world of ravelry. Who takes the photographs of these women in the scottish highlands whose lives consist of wearing midcentury inspired sweaters and gazing out to sea?
Anyway, I like these people, and I imagine my own blog is nearly as opaque. Who is this woman and how does she possibly pay the bills?


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

2 thoughts on “Slow clothing”

  1. Happily, my life is not spent gazing out to sea, although I do indeed live in the Scottish Highlands, where I spend my time working hard at running a small business. My partner, Tom, takes the photographs.

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