It is feeling quite little house on the prairie around here

This weekend we bottled our first porter, started some sauerkraut, brewed some homemade tonic water with cinchona bark, put the IPA into secondary, and sent out my last xmas card. Actually- i totally failed on the xmas cards this year. If you want one, please let me know, as I can’t bear to throw them out so you would be doing me a big favor. Personal message included.
I love the US Mail and I love exchanging cards and letters for any reason. It was a marriage related failing, meaning I had barely managed to get out my thank you notes (also, if you are waiting on one of those, please let me know- I thank you so much! but I am a flawed human) and then here it was xmas, and by gum the addresses were running together in my mind.
So, we are catching up with all necessary mending, thinking, building and scheming this winter and it feels good.


20140126-204947.jpgartisanal tonic


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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