Enough Stuff

Cohabitation has been a gradual process. It happened quite suddenly, but the actual integration of stuff is still in process two and a half years later. I also cohabit with all my personalities and their stuff, some which belonged to people now departed. I am keeping the pasta machine. But what about the other things? My desk has been in my family for three generations, I think- what do I owe it? It is quite heavy. But I would rather type at the kitchen table ($79, ikea, easy to dispose of if I get sick of it.)




Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

2 thoughts on “Enough Stuff”

  1. In the past I have been over-aggressive about getting rid of stuff, both when Xina and I moved in together and on each of our moves. It always ends up coming down to: “It’s just stuff, I should be able to live without this or that item” versus, “I regret throwingout/giving away this or that item because of the memories/usefulness/financial value.”

    90% of the time I make the right choice. It’s that 10% the really gets me sometimes.

    1. I bet now you have lots of space, you miss those things a bit- when I was trying to fill a real apt I never had enough, now it is too much. Especially now we have a home brewery.

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