IPA ready to drink

Thank god for hobbies this winter. And the Islands- any and all. My goodness my cup doth run over! So our Chinook IPA was ready to taste when we got back from a magical week in Antigua celebrating the blessed union of Claire and Mark. You can see this is literally the bottom of the barrel as it has all this hop sediment bopping around in it. Subsequent bottles did not have this problem. It tastes good! There is a slight banana aroma that I suspect is from the ten degree temperature change in our living room during primary fermentation. Chinook hops are “citrusy” and this is a good foundational IPA we can make variations of in the future by adding different kinds of hops.

Yesterday we bottled an Innkeeper- british mild ale that smelled great and should be ready in two weeks. Caper licked a lot off the floor and then passed out for the rest of the afternoon- seemed fine by dinner time. Tonight’s boil: Dry Irish Stout. The fifth kit we’ve brewed and I am pleased to announce the bickering and mess has been greatly streamlined. Also the beer tastes great and we are saving some money. (Average 6pack in our grocery store: $12. Average homebrew 6pack now that we have the equipment $6.50) And it will go down from there, now we know what we are doing.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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