New Job Time Warp

Whenever I start a new job, I lose a couple weeks to the adjustment period. This job also has a completely different rhythm than my last 6 jobs. I am no longer personally responsible for a physical space and sizable staff. I leave work when the work is done, not when my shift is over or when the building closes to the public. I’ve also cut my commute in half so that I am home much quicker in the evening. So far so good.
Now it is summer and I want to do everything at once. It is hard to pace myself and focus on one project at a time. Nick and Caper spend most of the weekend napping, restoring themselves for whatever will come next week, but I am up at seven with a to do list, dreaming of getting everything done in preparation for delicious meals and a tidy home for the next 6 days.
I’m reading again, I’d given up in the winter, wanting only to knit and brew. Now I want to do all that and read real books in bed at night. The glow from the screen is not restful in the way reading oneself to sleep has always been for me. Ebooks are good for traveling, but I have reverted to paper for reading at home.
Jane Smiley has a travel piece in the paper this week about Northern England. We are planning to go back there next year for a Coasts and Castles bike tour. A side trip to Durham. Dreaming and Scheming for Sunday afternoon.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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