Anniversary and renewal

IMG_1718.JPG We had champagne and bagels in the park with caper (who ate a carrot) and toasted our first year of marriage. The morning I spent going through old papers, cards and journals that I have been schlepping for decades. The first week of august we decamped for Heath while builders fixed our bedroom wall that was damaged in a fire last year. The room is now beautiful, clean and calm and I am not bringing any books furniture or clothes back into it without carefully analyzing whether the item in question is truly of use.
As many people have observed, our stuff owns us. We must house it and care for it and think of it and worry about not using it and all those little thoughts brushed aside weigh on a person. So I threw out 15 years of journals so I can start fresh. I am not Jane Austen , no important sociological or biographical details were lost to posterity in this purge. It feels more like room was made for fresh work.
Today I am off to Staten Island on an epic adventure for work with my wonderful colleague Anna. This morning south ferry is cool and breezy, peaceful as possible on an August Monday the week before Labor Day.



Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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