Pasta Machine Time- another sign of Fall

Learning how to do my new job is difficult. To take my mind off the challenge of work I took out the old Atlas 150 and made some fresh linguine for dinner. It was delicious and easy and I watched two episodes of Rick Steve’s travel show while methodically making my noodles. It takes time and effort, unlike ordering delicious tacos. But look, that is the point. And my pasta machine has earned its real estate in our 400 square foot apartment.

When I find something I like I really dig in and read a lot about it and try to figure out how it works from as many angles as possible. Sometimes I discard an idea, but usually I incorporate it in some form and then move on to the next interest. For a surprisingly long period of time last year I was fixated on the Tiny House Movement. This is strange because I actually live in a tiny home, but without the hype. I wasn’t thinking about my home and how to improve it, i was shopping for a new luxury trailer. I have since decided that is a waste of time because I live in very nice small home in New York City. That’s some people’s entire goal. So to spend a lot of time pining for a smaller home somewhere else is basically erm, dumb not productive.

How about digging in to my own home for sanctuary?

Italian food was another topic I studied a few years ago. We’ve been on a low fat diet at home so I hadn’t picked up my Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking in a few years. Time to dig in.

Look at Caper, it’s like a Where’s Waldo photo.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

3 thoughts on “Pasta Machine Time- another sign of Fall”

  1. A) Remember when you learned about making fresh pasta at a certain Queens restaurant?

    B) I love a tiny home. Tiny Homes is the top book on our coffee table.

  2. It seems like everybody wants to live in a huge house or a tiny house. I live in a medium house, which is everybody’s worst nightmare.

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