Running around

The weather is turning and the light is changing to suit. Yesterday morning when I took Caper out for her 6 o’clock walk, fall struck me with the urge to lift my umbrella and see where the wind is blowing. Thrillingly, I am grounded here in Queens, enjoying the feeling of security that come from not moving house in over three years. What makes a home base? What creates refuge amongst the strivers and struggle of this city?
I’m reading Essentialism which is one of these self help/business books that takes several hundred pages and many charts and graphs to reassure the reader that a) you have free will in all realms of your life and b) you’ll probably be more successful if you use it. But we all need bolstering on the free will front now and then.
And I’m following this blog, The Frugalwoods, written by a funny couple in Cambridge, MA who are saving up for their escape from the working world and illustrating their blog with excellent photos of their dog being put upon. As someone who just weeded my dog’s closet of the half her clothes that she refuses to take one step in, leaving only those that cause her to waddle in shame, I salute the Frugalwoods dedication. Caper terribly needs a haircut and is the worst photo subject-

IMG_0087.JPG but maybe I will submit her financial advice to their ongoing segment on Frugal pets.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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