Lake District Planning

I am still (after 3 weeks! I know!) on a Coast to Coast walking path trip planning tear. I have my guidebook and I’ve picked out some likely pubs and B & Bs. I’ve emailed my English cousins to see if they might be available for a visit before or after our walk. I got on my bike this week and did a long ride up to the Bronx for the first time since the spring. I’m critically analyzing my wardrobe for travel readyness.

There are a few big questions to sort out.

1) Will it rain every day and make me miserable and hate the walk? (I check the weather at the starting point in St. Bees each day- today is predicted to be 61 and partly cloudy.)

2) Should I try to camp? It’s so inexpensive! If you bring your own “kit” and carry it, it is only 5 pounds a night per person. We haven’t used our tent since the 4th of July, which was one night, and we were quite happy to abandon our campsite for the Franklin’s nice cabin after that 8 hour period of “roughing it”. I’m imagining a stranger reading this and thinking there is no way in hell that whoever is writing this will survive 15 nights of camping. However, in addition to the cheapness, camping is the only way to give your walk flexibility as far as accommodation goes. It is a popular walk and all b&bs and hostels need to be booked far in advance. On the other hand, why not keep it simple and stay somewhere nice and convenient for a little extra money.

3) Should we try to do the whole walk at once? At a ten mile a day pace, this will take 20 days. Alternatively, we could split it up into weeklong sections, sacrificing some of the triumph of long distance pilgrimage for the ease of spreading the expense and difficulty (and fun planning) over several years.

I imagine the Lake District will look a bit like this-



Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

1 thought on “Lake District Planning”

  1. I have first-hand evidence that you, a country girl like myself, can certainly handle a tent. Though I’ve only spent one (very memorable) evening in a tent with you, I’ve seen you sleep on plenty of floors and less-than-ideal surfaces. In fact, I remember this being something that I always admired about you. That said, how about a compromise? A few days of camping rewarded with a night at a B&B? That would allow for some flexibility within your camping days but keep the whole journey on track by ensuring you’re checking in on occasion. I think this sounds fantastic and I can’t wait to hear about it!

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