Last year’s sweater design and various catching up

IMG_0014.JPGIt’s cold enough to pull out the bulky sweaters. I am modeling last year’s design- I find it is best to put away sweaters for six months after I make them so I can look at them without seeing only the flaws. This was an experimental sweater – I learned to steek for adding the sleeves, it was worked bottom up instead of topdown and I also created the colorwork patterns from a few I found in books. In addition, I decided I only wanted to work on thin #6 circular needles so it has the heft and hang of chain mail.

I can’t face frogging it to make something else, but I also can’t imagine wanting to wear it, unless I become a winter fisherwoman or urban park ranger as it is way too heavy for climate controlled office wear. So I’ve hung it in the closet to contemplate for the season. Next up: a light wool cardigan, not of my own design.

On Saturday I fulfilled my spring wish of canoeing on Newtown Creek. I joined the North Brooklyn Boat Club in April but then I read (part of) Tom’s Riverand got completely freaked out about cancer clusters and the fact that the club is in a Superfund site. Then, the club managed to catch some evil doers who were using the creek as a dump. And now, it is a beautiful fall and I am redirecting my longing to get out into nature in the Lake District toward our local environment and I felt silly I hadn’t been brave enough to visit the club.

I saw a kingfisher and cormorants and mussels, making a go of it in our polluted neighborhood. The boat club is made up of four shipping containers and there is one boat building one that smells and feels like my father’s shop. The volunteers cookout by their tiny dock, and they host classes in an education hut. One woman about my age told me she joined in March and has been out on the water 4 times a week since. Not a bad way to spend the season. Maybe next summer.

Also, in tree news- our tree is doing great, no thanks to me. I only watered it three times all summer, but my lovely neighbors set up a roster and we had a good summer for rain so all the new trees fared quite well. And, due to all our complaints about trash on our block, our city council man allocated funding for workers to clean up our avenue and install fancy tree guards. Gentrification at work!


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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