Class of 1995

Last weekend I watched Gross Point Blank in honor of my impending 20 year anniversary of graduating High School. The premise of the film is that John Cusack’s character disappeared from his home town without a trace on his prom night and spent the next ten years becoming an expert, professional contract killer. Now he’s going home for his reunion, to see his high school girlfriend who he still dreams of (Minnie Driver), and to get some business done. It’s great, it holds up, go watch it on your online film provider this weekend. It’s a fairy tale, it’s got great action sequences and MD is a feministish heroine who has a radio show. Why aren’t there more movies like that? Although I also loved Hot Tub Time Machine, so probably i’m no judge.

The Winter of 2015 finds me in a reflective mood. This week I visited Grand Army Plaza for a work meeting and remembered that it was 12 years ago this month that I started my first public library job and began a very good career in service to children in public libraries- four different systems in three states.


20 years ago my entire post graduate plan was to go to England on vacation with Scott. We had such a wonderful three weeks there, visiting London and York and Chew Magna. When I returned home I got a job and applied to Smith and set a very different course than the one I had imagined my Junior year (film school) or my Senior year (nothing). At least in retrospect, the experience of traveling to the UK reset my compass and helped me clear the way for my next adventure.

After college I experienced a similar freedom when I travelled to Spain and Italy with my sister Christina for about a month. Upon returning to Northampton, I moped briefly and then packed my Rabbit for New York City.

For the past year or so I have been turning over and over in my mind the details of the English Coast to Coast walking trip. I know it is a scant three weeks and mostly will be damp and cold and the distance much farther than I think it will be. But I’m eager for the clear air, and to feel the longing to come home and get back to work with a clearer idea of my priorities, and to collect the wonderful memories of being self directed out of doors and in a wild, old landscape.

I don’t yet know the timing of my trip, but I know why I want it now. And spring is on its way, despite the snow and cold of February.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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