February Vacation

Spring dress batik

Somerville beer

Dinah Dog

This February vacation I opted for staying fairly local, getting organized at home and meeting at least one of the new babies my friends have been producing this year. I will never forget my magical first trip to St. John in February 2011, but the other places we’ve tried since Maho Bay closed have been very different.  Next year I would like to volunteer for a week at Cinnamon Bay through the Appalachian Mountain Club, giving myself something to do while I enjoy the beaches and tent living.

Back to the present. The northeast is cold. But despite the snow and blowing wind, the sugar shacks are opening this weekend and the sap will soon begin to flow. Spring is imminent!

Blogging regularly is one of the activities I miss most from my Beverly life- where, as I remember it, I was writing daily and connecting with friends and family online. Somehow my ambitious New York lifestyle leaves me no energy in the morning or afterwards for sharing. I also miss reading- something I only seem to do now when I am on vacation.  My colleague, Anna, reads several books a week and is a passionate booktalker, but she’s largely given up asking me what I’m reading. Usually it is a non-fiction book about kelp or something and it takes me three weeks to read the first chapter. Sigh.

If I were to resume blogging regularly I would keep this blog for personal projects and activate the dormant  Slow Travel NYC blog as the spot for building a community of frugal local explorers.  I also think it could be the basis of a Rick Steves style travel empire focused not on pricey trips to Europe but rather on engaging with the mysteries of our own back yards.

What do you think? Is there an audience for that kind of writing?


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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