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Hi Friends. I have a new goal to become the Rick Steves of Northeast USA regional travel for cheapskates. (yes I do want a public TV show, and I will wear the same outfit in every episode.) I see that I posted a similar manifesto last winter, but instead of committing to writing and building the site, I applied for a new super charged job at work! It has been a valuable experience in other ways and definitely built my confidence, hopefully setting this project up for success. Onto your Wednesday Links.

One of my favorite blogs right now is The Frugalwoods. It is about a not yet 30 year old couple in Cambridge whose fondest wish is to move to Vermont and run a homestead. Of course, that is almost the opposite of my wishes, but I love to visit my friends and folks on their homesteads and I am looking forward to helping alot in other peoples’ gardens and woodlots when I reach early retirement. They are well paid professionals and instead of buying wine glass charms they are banking all their cash so they can head off to the woods ASAP. Ms. FW is building her skills as a writer and blogger and I’m impressed with her positivity and focus. She made me think, I can do that! I already have this url! I have dreams! Maybe others would like to read about mine?

Of course, the FWs were inspired by the charming cult leader Mr. Money Mustache.

Where’s the travel, you ask? Here you go- Will Self’s set of city walks for the Guardian. I loved this because I am a terminal anglophile, but also because it dovetails with my Slow Travel Manifesto so nicely. Start where you are, look, really look at your surroundings and you can learn much more than you can jetting around the world. And you don’t have to lose a day and $1000 to air travel.

I also keep up with Montrose Morris’ Queens architectural history posts. She is able to find the stories in the buildings all around us.

As a country girl, I admire the buildings but I am moved by the nature that manages to thrive in NYC. Check out The American Littoral Society for info about our estuary, cool events, and volunteer opportunities.

Finally- Frog Watch USA training on Staten Island, March 8th. I’m gonna go and I’ll report what I learn here!

Spring is almost here.


Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Links ”

  1. We just took a slow walk down the hill and then back up the hill. We looked at the sastrugi, and the white birches against the blue sky. Henry refuses to paint white birches against blue sky. Ever! We looked at turkey (?) tracks and melting mud, and raggedy ice crystals that are melting in today’s warm sun. Do you know On Looking by Alexandra Horowitz? She took walks, mostly in NYC, with various experts including her toddler to see what they saw – and what she had been missing. I recommend it.

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