Girls Just Want to Have Funds, or you are what you pay attention to

my coffee mug at the sugar house

Reading The Happiness Project made me think about all my lists, goals, and the difference between how I want to think of myself (and have others think of me) and how I actually am. One of Rubin’s primary tools for happiness is “Be Gretchen”- you can’t pretend something makes you happy if it doesn’t, if you ever want to be actually happy.

Here’s the list I made for public viewing of what I wanted to accomplish last year. It is notable for the fact that I didn’t do any of it! That shows an indisputable disconnect between what I say I want to do and how I actually spend my time. What did I actually do? I worked really hard at my job, I learned how to brew beer, and I learned all about saving and investing money. None of which fit with my blog fantasy of my self. Brewing is fun, although I’m a bit embarrassed about how much beer we go through- but money! ewwww! what a dismal thing to spend so much time on. 45 hours a week working and commuting and about an hour a day thinking and reading about investing and saving.

I’m ready to let go of the museums on my list- some of them have been there for ten years, while I visit the museums near me in Queens several times a year. Let’s say I’d rather stay local than travel for a museum experience.

I’m not ready to give up on my outdoorswoman dreams. Many nights last year I read my Coast to Coast guidebook in bed after tucking my money in- defering dreams of travel, learning and new physical skills for a future date when I will be rich, retired and able to go on 3 week walking tours. Instead of doing all the local adventures I worked harder at my job.

Also, even more embarassing- I went on 3 carribbean vacations since I wrote that list. Did these cost a ton of money and time? They sure did! Did I enjoy them? Yes! But did they help with my weekly goals to explore and volunteer in my local environment? Nope. I think my old list had too many things on it, like I was grasping for new places to list instead of spending time on activities I enjoy. We went to the Socrates Sculpture Park nearly every week in the summer, but my list only gives me credit for going places I’ve never been.

New List for Spring 2015:

  1. Be a good friend, relative and listener
  2. Get outside and stay local
  3. Write about it

Author: Emily

Writer/ Librarian

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